Treatment related adverse impacts on patient quality of life are not unique to any one oncologic drug class or therapeutic approach and challenge our ability to support the best possible cancer patient outcomes. Despite the opportunity to do better, funding for research in this critical arena has been limited.

THRIVE offers funding for basic science, clinical, and translational research that enhances our ability to predict when and how adverse effects may occur in patients who have received cancer treatment and supports the development of approaches to avoid or lessen these effects. By providing researchers with both seed funding and access to critical networks, THRIVE will enhance the visibility of the patient need, the value of the research, and the reasons that larger funding entities might elect to incorporate these research streams into future funding priorities.



This unique program focuses on innovative cross-disciplinary research with defined impact for patients.  

THRIVE gives preference to those innovative research projects that engage both non-clinical AND clinical scientists in the research project design and/or implementation.  We believe that research at the translational boundary can make significant impact on the science and patients. This research will advance our:

  • Fundamental understanding of cancer drug or therapy-related toxicity;
  • Ability to identify and translate critical biomarkers of toxicity;
  • Models (in vivo, in vitro, in silico) of pediatric or adult drug exposure that predict early or impending toxicities;
  • Understanding of the role of protective co-therapies or modified exposure protocols on the onset of therapy-induced damage; and
  • Identification of novel protective therapies or dosing-strategies

To read about the amazing research our Awardees have published to date, please visit ‪HESI Thrive - ‪Google Scholar


JOIN US in innovating translational research, and improving QUALITY OF LIFE for cancer patients and survivors.


Our ability to support research depends upon access to financial resources. This program offers the opportunity for funders to synergize their contribution with existing grant funding from both public and private sector partners and be recognizing as supporting partners. 100% of your funding support will transfer directly to the awardees.