We are pleased to announce this year’s grant award winners, selected from over 50 proposals received from more than 30 different institutions. Each of the winning proposals, listed below, will receive $50,000 in funding to support their research in making cancer patient quality of life an active research priority.

2021 THRIVE Grant Award Winners

HESI THRIVE Research Study: Gene therapy to prevent chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy

  • Stefanie Geisler, MD
  • Washington University

HESI THRIVE Research Study: Defining an inherited predisposition to cancer therapy-induced cardiomyopathy

  • Krishna Aragam, MD
  • Massachusetts General Hospital

HESI THRIVE Research Study: Diabetes after breast cancer: A role for adipocyte progenitor cells

  • Elizabeth Wellberg, PhD
  • Board of Regents of the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

HESI THRIVE Research Study: The role of oogenic JNK in chemotherapy-induced premature ovarian failure

  • Shou Xiao, PhD
  • Rutgers University

By providing researchers with both seed funding and access to critical networks, THRIVE will enhance the visibility of the patient need, the value of the research, and the reasons that larger funding entities might elect to incorporate these research streams into future funding priorities. Click here to learn more about grant guidelines, the application process, and selection process.