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Improving quality of life after cancer.

HESI THRIVE 2024 Cycle Begins Soon: Open Call For LOI’s

Monday November 13, 2023 - Monday April 8th 2024

HESI THRIVE charts new futures for cancer patients and survivors by making patient QUALITY OF LIFE an active research priority.

The biomedical field has made tremendous strides in turning many cancers into survivable diseases.  However, treatment-related effects can:

  • Impact a patient’s ability to adhere to and realize the full benefit of existing therapies;
  • Make daily tasks challenging and reduce overall quality of life;
  • Lead to significantly higher incidence of severe chronic illness in survivors;
  • Include cardiac dysfunction or failure, pulmonary problems, neurological issues, liver toxicity, and endocrine disorders among others.

THRIVE fills a critical gap in funding for foundational research in support of future protective therapies, mitigation strategies and a next generation of therapy and therapy-support that will enhance the ability for cancer patients and survivors to THRIVE.



2021 THRIVE Grant Awardee, Elizabeth Wellberg, PhD
Board of Regents of the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

HESI THRIVE Research Study: Diabetes after breast cancer: A role for adipocyte progenitor cells

2021 THRIVE Grant Awardee, Shou Xiao, PhD
Rutgers University

HESI THRIVE Research Study: The role of oogenic JNK in chemotherapy-induced premature ovarian failure

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