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Improving quality of life after cancer


  • HESI THRIVE announces it's first Awardees, click here to view.
  • HESI THRIVE Network Named as Partner for White House Cancer Moonshot Task Force. Read the full announcement here. Read the White House Fact Sheet here.


The THRIVE program seeks to chart new futures for cancer patients and survivors by
Making Patient Quality of Life an Active Research Priority.


The biomedical field has made tremendous strides in turning many cancers into survivable diseases.  However,

  • In the years and decades following treatment, many survivors have a significantly higher incidence of severe chronic illness – often an unintended consequence of the drugs and therapies that saved their lives.
  • Effects can include cardiac dysfunction or failure, pulmonary problems, neurological issues, liver toxicity, and endocrine disorders among others.

THRIVE fills a critical gap in funding for foundational research in support of future protective therapies, mitigation strategies and a next generation of drugs that will enhance the ability for cancer survivors to THRIVE.    

Join us in making a difference.


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This program is made possible by a grant from the Elsa U. Pardee Foundation in support of improved quality of life for cancer patients.


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