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The biomedical field has made tremendous strides in turning many cancers into survivable diseases.  However, in the years and decades following treatment, many survivors have a significantly higher incidence of severe chronic illness – often an unintended consequence of the drugs and therapies that saved their lives.  Effects can include cardiac dysfunction or failure, pulmonary problems, neurological issues, liver toxicity, and endocrine disorders (Cleeland et al 2012).  Adverse impacts on patient quality of life are not unique to any one oncologic drug class or therapeutic approach.  These effects can impact the survivor’s quality of life including general health status, ability to maintain employment, relationships with friends and families, among others.  Despite the opportunity to do better, funding for research in this critical arena has been limited.  Join us in catalyzing change!

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2016 is Our Inaugural Year for THRIVE.  Our remarkable Advisory Board (see next page) has been hard at work at developing the program structure and raising awareness in order to launch in June 2016.   Our first publication is pending as well to announce the initiative.  Before we move to public announcement of the program, we hope you will join us as a supporter so we can ensure you are recognized as a partner in this critical effort.  More than 95% of your contribution will be used for grant awards seed fund awardees – a maximum of 5% of your contribution will be used to support organizational and administrative expenses for the THRIVE program.

Many thanks to the Pardee Family Foundation that has graciously helped to establish the program through their generous Founders Circle grant.  Please help us meet our goal of matching (and exceeding) the Pardee contribution!  See Next Page

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