Letter of Intent

Letter of Intent


THRIVE Research Grant Application: 2018 Letter of Intent Instructions & Form

The HESI-Pardee THRIVE Grant Program has a two-­‐step application process. A letter of intent is required in advance of submitting a full grant application. Information and Timelines for the 2018 Application Process to follow.

The following instructions are for investigators who are interested in being considered for THRIVE’s Research Grant Program. Only investigators who have submitted a letter of intent and have been invited by the THRIVE review board to submit a formal grant application will be considered for funding.


Letter of Intent Requirements

The letter of intent is designed to provide a general overview of the proposed research study with sufficient detail to allow for the evaluation of the scientific merit and feasibility of the study. Two pages (letter of intent form and research abstract) are required for submission and the remaining pages (biographical sketch and publication list) are optional.

The letter of intent should include the following:

  1. Letter of Intent Form (1 page)
    The provided cover sheet should be completed and signed.
  1. Research Abstract (1 page)
    The abstract should summarize the research project and describe what issue(s) the study addresses, the study’s specific aims, relevant literature or prior research, how the study will be conducted and evaluated, and why the work will aid in the characterization or prediction of when and how adverse effects may occur in patients who have received cancer treatment and/or supports the development of approaches to avoid or lessen these effects.  Preference will be given to studies in which both a non-clinical and clinical researcher are engaged in either design, conduct, or analysis of the study results.
  1. Supporting Documents
    The following supporting documents are optional but may be submitted with the letter of intent and research abstract.
  • Biographical sketch: This should include education and training in chronological order, positions and honors in chronological order, and past and current research support for the past three years.
  • Relevant publications: This should be a short-­‐list of peer-­‐reviewed publications from the past 5 years that are relevant to the proposed research topic.

Letter of Intent Submission

A PDF copy of the proposal should be electronically submitted to research@hesithrive.org. All documents (signed letter of intent, research abstract and supporting documents) should be merged into one pdf file before sending. The PDF file should be saved as “investigator first and last name_institution_2018.” An example would be to name the file “John Smith_Univ of Singapore_2018.”

No extensions of the deadline can be made. Once submitted, a confirmation email will be sent to the investigator. For questions about submitting a letter of intent, please contact Syril Pettit, HESI Executive Director, at spettit@hesiglobal.org.

Review and Notification Process

Each letter of intent is carefully reviewed by THRIVE’s Advisory Board to determine if the project is in line with the goals of the THRIVE award program.  Preference will be given to innovative studies in which both a non-clinical and clinical researcher are engaged in either design, conduct, or analysis of the study results.  Investigators will be notified by email no later than 30 August as to whether they have been approved to submit a full grant application. For eligible investigators, the submission deadline for full grant applications is 1 October.

All decisions made by the THRIVE Advisory Board are final and are not subject to appeal.